How to ride a bike ?

How to ride a bike

Learning to ride a bike is like investing in a lifetime  project because it is an unforgettable  skill for someone if he learns this . Also there are a number of good effects that people get because of riding bikes which is the major cause that people now want to learn how to ride a bike. Those good side are –

– By going to nearby destinations through riding in a bike can save both time and money (as without a bike one has to spend money on bus or cab to save time).

– Riding a bike habitually can become a regular workout with which one can do both exercise while reaching to the goal at the same time.

– Riding a bike is considered to be a pollution free method for the environment.

– It can relieve stress.

– People can lose weight by riding it continuously in a regular manner.

– Lungs work a way more harder while riding bikes and it can strengthen the cardiovascular system as well as the heart working more efficiently so the entire body system gets improved day by day. 


As the more people get to know broadly about the good effects and sides of riding a bike the more they get interested and want to learn about How to ride a bike . If this is also the case with you then this guide is going to be very helpful to you because here you will get to know about the proper steps with explanations about “How to ride a bike”. So please be with us till the end –


Each and every points to learn How to ride a Bike


Advance preparation of learning to ride a bike-

There are some things that must be pre prepared to learn how to ride a bike . Firstly a secure location must be chosen to ride a bike. Here a secure location stands for choosing those areas that are free from traffic and have the least amount of crowd. Secondly , make sure that the area has smooth ground or sidewalk. Thirdly, a helmet , knee and elbow pad must be ready to put on because it is crystal clear that people fall from the bike while learning and those pads will help them from getting hurt. 


The main steps to follow one by one –


Familiar with the riding area-

After the advanced preparation here comes the major steps. The next step is to get familiar with the riding area. In this step the rider checks around the area and gets familiar with where he or she is going to ride for learning purposes.


Select a perfect bike-

And now comes the most important decision to make which is selecting the bike while considering the right size for learning How to ride a bike.  Bikes come with different sizes and features. Now someone may think how to know if the bike size is fit for him \ her or not. Maybe the mind gets confused but it is not a very hard task rather an easy one. The rider here just needs to ensure that his\ her bike which is selected for learning should touch the ground. According to the rider body shape it should not be too small or too big and that rider must feel comfortable in that particularly selected bike. 


Wearing the safety accessories :

Though in How to ride a bike learning to ride a bike  is our main motive but safety is also our topmost priority. So the third step is to wear the safety accessories which are helmet, elbow and knee pads etc.


Bike mounting and dismounting – the most important :

Now after completing those steps explained above now comes the most important one which is bike mounting. Here the rider has to be careful about multiple things. For example the rider has to get on the bike and put his hand on the handles and brakes, and then plant one foot on the ground. Then the rider has to balance the bike while feeling the weight of the bike. At that point he has to put his other foot on the pedal and push off and now simultaneously push off with the other leg. 


But at the time of stopping the rider must remember to stop by using brakes , and should not be stopped by stepping on the ground. Then stop to pedal and the rider is compelled to shift the body weight on the lowest pedal and get off from the bike. It is called dis mounting.


To learn how to ride a bike  these explained steps are the basics but when a rider gets perfect in these then he\she should try some things like – Steering and Turning which will develop the confidence of the rider . Also joining the biker’s community can be proven a great help to learn. But the most important thing is to practise with a goal and overcoming the faults along with challenges. So in the end when the rider finally acquires the skill of how to ride a bike then we urge them to celebrate his progress.

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