Best Electric Bicycle

Best Electric Bicycle

Electric bicycles have rapidly become famous for being a revolutionary mode of transportation because it offers convenient alternative systems for traditional bicycles and cars. As there are a bunch of models available in the market, so it can be daunting to choose the best electric bicycle and at the same time it is also the reason that the search for the best electric bicycle can be both exciting and overwhelming. 

If you are a daily rider or someone who mostly goes on riding adventures on weekends or free times or just looking for an alternative to a car then electric bicycles will turn out to be the best option according to your need because these bicycles offer a way more versatile and efficient experience . We came to know that a number of people nowadays have got interested in electric bicycle knowing convenience now but as the market is bustling with numerous models they get confused to select the model which should be best for his/her in particular. So that’s why in this guide we will mention some of the best electric bicycle models with highlighting the major features. If you are also one of them then we assure you that you will find the perfect ride to meet your needs by the end of this guide. Now let’s begin-


Best electric bicycle models with major features-


The Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 –

The Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 comes first in the list while mentioning the best electric bicycle. This particular bicycle model from The Specialized comes with cutting-edge technology and smooth design (Available in three colour design). It offers the riders an unique riding experience for both adventure seekers and urban commuters. In this bicycle a powerful yet quiet motor and responsive pedal assistance combine together. The major features of this bicycle are- 


  •  A custom-tuned motor 250W provided by Specialized which is powerful enough to steep climbs and fast accelerations.
  •  made of lightweight aluminium frame
  •  Shimano SLX 11 used for reliable shifting and smooth speed
  • Merged  display unit  to monitor distance , speed and battery life.
  • Have powerful hydraulic disc brakes for  good stopping power.
  • Have a 500Wh integrated battery that is suitable for long-distance commutes.


It costs around $2,749.99 and anyone can purchase it from the company official website .


The Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus –

The Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus  is an electric bicycle that comes second in the list while being mentioned as the best electric bicycle . It has been designed in a flexible way. This bicycle  ensures  that riders will be able to handle sub-urban paths as well as city areas very easily. At present it is a proof of  innovation and practicality that basically riders seeking for. The major features of this bicycle are- 


  • Comes with a 750W geared hub motor that supplies power to the bicycle.
  • Have a strong aluminium frame.
  • Shimano Altus 7-speed for smooth speed rate
  • A  Backlit LCD is attached with a charge indicator.
  • Have adjustable stem and seat for personalization according to rider height.
  • Provides rear rack and fenders

It costs around $1,699 and is available on the official website.


The Giant Trance E+ 3 

Coming to the third position , here we recommend the Giant Trance E+ 3 in the list of best electric bicycle models . This electric bicycle  has been named as “Game Changer” for combining rugged design with upgraded technology that can provide excellent feeling to the bicycle riders. The features of that it comes with are –

  • Has a SyncDrive Pro motor of 80nm which is powered by Yamaha that can provide uninterrupted power for challenging trail ride.
  • Comes with a Smart 625Wh battery.
  • Made of ALUXX SL-grade aluminium frame which is strong enough to face the obstacles of rough terrains while riding.
  • Has suspension on both rear and front with 140mm and 150mm that can provide superior handling  and restraint on descents and climbs.
  • Has Maxxis Assegai 29×2.6″ foldable tubeless tires.
  • Provide LED displayANT and also Wireless display compatible.

It costs around $4,500 and is available on the official website of Giant.


In the end , selecting the best electric bicycle basically  depends on riders’ particular needs and preferences. The Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0 would be the best choice for those who are in  need of long range and speed. The Rad Power RadCity 5 Plus is a best choice for whom are in search value for money option. The Giant Trance E+ 3 Pro will be proven best for off-road enthusiasts . Each of this models has unique feature which is a must thing for being best electric bicycle.

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