best commuter bikes

Best Commuter Bikes

Commuter bikes are acknowledged as bikes that are specifically created for regular transportation. This particular type of bike offers practical as well as competent ways for travelling through both rural and urban  areas. The designers designed this bike having the demands of regular users in mind and it has already completed the designers goals as people are now eager to know about the best commuter bikes


Daily life monotony can be disintegrated by changing car travel into riding on commute bikes. This change from car to commuter bike has a number of benefits .There are some reasons that the regular bicycle riders now are seeking for the best commuter bikes and its demand in the market is increasing day by day. For example-

  • It is a better option than other automobile transportation because automobile transportation ejects carbon which is harmful for the environment but commuter bikes don’t release  any harmful things.
  • These bikes are really compatible for rush-hour traffic backup which means anyone can go through heavy traffic and be able to reach the work destination on time. 
  • Going to work while riding a commuter bike can be a great help to reduce stress level and improve mental health.
  • Compared to cars , commuter bikes are easy to park because a car takes up a lot of space so sometimes it becomes a hassle to find a parking spot.
  • Do not require costly service for maintenance.


For these benefits people are now getting attracted to commuter bikes and at this moment a huge number of people are looking for the best commuter bikes but are facing a struggle. So thinking about them we have come up with a solution in this blog. Here we are going to acquaint you with the best commuter bikes , so stick with us till the end –


Best Commuter Bikes – Brand and models with features:


The Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 :

The Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 comes out on the top in our list of best commuter bikes. This bike model is released by The Co-op Cycles . The brand Co-op Cycles started its journey in 2016 and is owned by the world’s most large outdoor retailers in the US named Recreational Equipment Inc, in short REI. 

And this particular model CTY 1.1 from this brand originated in a versatile way . This bike can be reliable option for urban commuting with good experience. The feature of this commuter bike are –

  • Sturdy and lightweight frame made of Aluminium
  • Handlebar and stem made of aluminium which helps to keep controlled the bike
  • Disc brakes that have heavy stopping power are sponsored by Tektro mechanical.
  • Suitable with fender and rack mount
  • Compatible for unisex


This bike costs $599 which is a good option for those who have a mid range budget and available in two colours – Shale and Autumn.


Brooklyn Lorimer: 

The Brooklyn Lorimer takes second place in our list of the best commuter bikes. The bike model named Brooklyn Lorimer was launched by Brooklyn Bicycle Co which was established in 2011 (a New York based company). The particular model Lorimer  from this company is a stylish bike as well as also a dependable option for urban riding. The riders who like aesthetics and functionality definitely recommend going with this bike. This bike contains these following features –


  • Crafted with lightweight steel frame along with vintage charm
  • Comes with Shimano Acera 3×8 drivetrain which is a good option for beginner riders.
  • Custom Urban Flat Handlebar powered by Brooklyn Bicycle Co.
  • Has front and rear brakes which is helpful to controlling the bike according to need.
  • Comes with puncture resistant tires that can assure the riders to ride without being worried on through terrain.
  • Has wide seat.


It costs $699.99 and is available in the official website of Brooklyn in two colours – Matte Denim and Soft Ivory.


The Priority 600 :

The Priority 600  comes in the third position on our list of best commuter bikes. The bike model Priority 600 is an attractive commuter bike model launched by the bicycle company , based in America, named “Priority Bicycles” which was founded in 2012.  The features of this bike are- 


  • Build with lightweight aluminium frame
  • Has Pinion 12 gearbox which does not need expensive maintenance.
  • Combines carbon drive belts that manage torque amazingly well.
  • Comes with Hydraulic disc brakes that provide good stopping power in accord with riders’ needs.
  • Deliver with tubeless tires with puncture resistance benefit.


This bicycle costs $ 2,299 and anyone can purchase it online in  the official website of Priority Bicycles available in just one colour – Black.


Coming to the end , we know that many more commuter bike models are available in the market. But we have chosen – The Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1, Brooklyn Lorimer, The Priority 600 – as the best commuter bikes for some reasons. The Co-op Cycles CTY 1.1 and Brooklyn Lorimer are budget friendly options for the beginner and mid level riders who can use these on a daily basis. And The Priority 600 , in comparison to these two is pretty much expensive but can offer hassle free riding experience . It is compatible with daily riders as well as riders who do harsh riding adventures. 

We appreciate your patience for being with us till the end. Thank you so much.

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