Best e-bike for women

Best e-bike for women

E – bikes , basically stands for electric bikes, have reorganised the way of travelling and exercising for people , especially for the women. Most probably the e-bikes are popular among women as e-bikes have become fitness supplements as well as a medium of enjoyment in leisure activities. Because of these reasons women now-a-days are in search  of ”  best e-bike for women “. 


But there are some factors that should be in mind for consideration while choosing the best e-bike for women. Before knowing the models of the best e-bike for women it is essential to know about those factors . So let’s discuss first about the key factors of best e-bike for women – 


Key Factors to select the Best e-bike for Women



Provide comfort –

The most notable factor while selecting the best e bike for women is that it must provide comfort. This factor can also be called the topmost one in determining women e-bikes. To  provide comfort to the female riders it must comes with some features-


  1. A step-through frame can make any e-bike easier while moving up and down both according to need . Particularly the best e-bike for women comes with this feature and with this feature women can move freely even if either wearing a dress or skirt. Any type of dress will not be a barrier in travelling in these e-bikes. 


  1. E-bikes designed especially for women must be fitted with large cushioned saddles and wide pelvic bones as this can provide better support for women.


  1. E-bike handlebars should be positioned close together and the riding position should be comfortable to reduce back strain and shoulder pain.


Lightweight and easy to handle –

E-bikes that are easy to handle and lightweight , are considered to be the best e-bike for women . This is essential for driving bikes mainly in big cities and towns because lifting the bike is necessary in this type of environment . So having  that thought in mind the e-bikes are made of lightweight materials such as – aluminium, carbon fibre etc. Also e-bikes that are foldable are very easy to handle and very suitable for storage as well as transport. 


Battery and motor –


Battery and motor are the most pivotal materials which is the cause of performance level of the e-bikes. Because these materials can secure the powerful ride for a long time while maintaining smoothness. The motors that are used in these bikes are known to be mid level which can easily balance the weight and can also increase bike stability. For the battery  usually 400wh is used with which anyone will be able to do a long trip just on one time charge, without any frequent recharging. Also  multiple pedal-assist levels are attached with these bikes.


Now let’s consider the best e-bike models for women –


Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45 625 Trapeze –


Women who like to travel a  lot can choose this e-bike as it can be the best option for them because of its features. The features that it supports are –


– a very powerful battery of 625Wh that can charge without removing. 

– has an Intuvia controller which makes the bike easier to use.

– comes with mudguards and a bottle case which is one of best features for those who love to ride for a long time .

– also has a carrier rack for carrying necessary belongings.

–  strong hydraulic disc brakes are added which is very appropriate to supply strong brakes.


Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB –


This bike model is included on the list of  best e-bike for women because it comes both with aesthetic style or colour and functionality. It’s obvious that women like any kind of product which is aesthetic and this e-bike has three colours – iced blue gloss, anthracite grey gloss, champion red gloss. The functionality that it has –


– a battery of 400wh which is not so large or too small but a perfect one.

– made with lightweight aluminium frame 

– provide adjustable seat and wide tires with fork suspension.


Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 Remix-


Though this e-bike is designed with unisex step-thru frame model , it can be the best choice for those women who basically ride in cities . This e-bike model is especially recommended for women who use bikes for workout and fitness . The feature that it has-


– a battery of 250wh , might seem to be small but with it anyone can ride up to 47 miles.

– a moto of 250w

– made of a lightweight frame with which manoeuvre becomes easy.


The factors that mentioned above –  Provide comfort ,  Lightweight and easy to handle, Battery and motor, etc must be in mind while thinking about the best e-bike for women . And these specific e-bike models – Cube Kathmandu Hybrid 45 625 Trapeze , Gazelle Medeo T9 HMB,  Cannondale Quick Neo SL 2 Remix are very suitable and fulfilled those factors which is the main reason for selecting these as the best e-bike.


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