Best beach cruiser bikes

best beach cruiser bikes

Best Beach cruiser bikes are the bikes that convoyed eminent symbols of trendy and relaxed  riding. These bikes are perfect for those people who are interested in enjoying their free time in exercise and adventure at the same time through riding. Beach cruiser bikes are the most simple , cheapest option among the two wheeled  vehicles and surprisingly this most cheapest bike comes with the option of customization of personal choice . That is the reason that this bike grabs the customers attention in the market and gets popular with time.


Best Beach cruiser bikes are a combination of simplicity along with amenities as well as comfort with classic design which make it a favourite choice for many cycling lovers. If you are also a cycling lover and looking for the best beach cruiser bikes then continue to read till the end because here we will talk about the best models of beach cruiser bikes that are available now in the market.  Here we will also describing the necessary specification of best beach cruiser bikes


The necessary specification of best beach cruiser bikes –


When one is interested in buying a beach cruiser bike, knowing the specifications of the beach cruiser bikes would be very beneficial to find the best beach cruiser bikes according to need and choice.  A number of specifications  that are considered to be notable and those are given below –


  1. Must provide essential element for comfortable riding

Providing comfortable riding experience to the riders should be the prime goal of best beach cruiser bikes. And for this bikes must requisite upright riding position as it can reduce the pain of shoulders and back. Again the handlebars should be high allowing the riders to sit up straight and the seat must be wide padded. 


  1. Should have wide tires – 

Tires are one of the important specifications of a bike. But the beach cruiser bikes are known for exceptional tires which are able to provide cushioning with outstanding stability. More specifically the tires of  beach cruiser bikes are nearly 26 inches (can vary according to model) which seems to be wider than the general bikes and it can extend easy pedalling and reduce  rolling resistance.


  1. Reliable Braking Systems –

Beach cruiser bikes often have two types of braking system. The traditional ones come with coaster braking system and the upgraded or modern ones come with hand brakes. Both are simple and useful for the riders but need slightest maintenance over time.


  1. Sturdy frame and classical design with customization –

Frame of bikes are one of the major things and for the beach cruiser bike the materials that are mostly used are – steel or aluminium. Again beach cruiser bikes that are apprehended to be best are  often in a low step-through frame design. These bikes are mostly popular for retro along with classical design and having the customization option.

Also beach cruisers that come with the additional specification like equipped with front baskets or rear racks, convenient cup holders and LED lights , fenders and chain guards can be the top option for best beach cruiser bikes .


The best beach cruiser bikes models –


Now being aware of the specification of best beach cruiser bikes , let’s discuss about the best models with the features that those have-


Priority coast beach cruiser bike –

The priority coast beach cruiser bike is a beach cruiser bike model by Priority bicycle company . The Priority bicycle setted up in 2014 (may not seem like that long ago) ‍  and surprisingly with this short period this company  has become more popular among the users.

The core features of Priority coast beach cruiser are – 

– It has ultra light frame made of aluminium

– It comes with 26 inch alloy wheels. 

– It has an upgraded bike chain that won’t catch rust.

– The front hub , rear hub and pedals are made of alloy.

– The tires  of it are puncture resistance

– It provides  coast’s frame geometry which is helpful to road around the cruise comfortably. 


This bike cost 599$ and anyone can buy this from Priority bicycle website.


Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike –

This bike model is from Schwinn Bicycle Company based in America. At this moment Schwinn Mikko Adult Beach Cruiser Bike seems to be the best model according to user’s feedback and 2nd in our list of  best beach cruiser bikes . Its features are –

– It has an extensive dual padded cruiser seat

– Maintain classicism by providing classic handlebars.

– Made with necessary equipment that needed for comfortable and safe riding position.

– Frame made of steel.

– Tires are 26 inch wide that assure stability for riding.

– Comes with a rear coaster brake that is easy to use.

This bike costs around 500$ and can be bought from both online and offline.


Sixthreezero Evryjourney – 

The company Sixthreezero has a number of cruiser bike models but among all Evryjourney is the best because of its budget friendly price and solid quality. It costs around 500$ – 600$ and anyone can buy it from the company website. It features  are –


–  It has strong dual hand brakes.

– Optional upgrades with matching accessories are available.

– Comes with a rear rack.

– Frame is very lightweight.

– It has wide tires that can provide a smooth ride in every terrain.

– Grips  made of leather that give a premium feel.


To conclude ,these three models are best beach cruiser bikes which are both quality full and budget friendly. But there are also beach cruiser bikes that are qualityful but cost a little more money. If one has no budget issue then : Priority e-Coast (costs 1999$), Electra Townie Go (costs 1899$), Linus Dutchi 7i (costs 899), Priority Turi (costs 949) – choosing one of these can be a wise decision.

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