Best mountain bike brands

Best mountain bike brands

If anyone has interest in riding bikes then buying a bike may be a very important investment according to his\her point of view. In the case of purchasing rider bikes , the mountain bikes can be a good choice as it comes with the topmost latest technologies and features with a  budget friendly price (sometimes a little high price). And people who are aware of these facts are often interested to know about “Best mountain bike brands“.


Thinking about the best mountain bike brands , people are basically eager to know about those mountain bike brands that have a trustable historical background with implementation of creative technology and high quality features on the mountain bikes . So in our this blog we are going to discuss about a number of mountain bike brands with historical backgrounds which are pondered to be the best mountain bike brands over decades.


  1. Giant 

Historical background and best models :


One of the best mountain bike brands known as Giant in short (Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd – original name) ,is basically a Taiwanese bike brand which was at first started as an  original equipment manufacturer company having a dedication to break the stereotype of American and European markets held for MIT goods and products. But with the flow of time and market need it is now working as an outsourcing manufacturer company for other brands while maintaining the position of the excellent mountain bike brand.


It was at first founded by King Liu with some of his companions in 1972 and now it has become a popular bike brand. By producing bikes of high quality features using carbon fibre and aluminium  with economical price it grabs the users attention which is the reason for its popularity. Also considering the Giant as one of the best mountain bike brands is because this company produces almost all equipment of bikes that is needed from top to bottom everything. The best mountain bikes models from the Giant are – Giant Talon, Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29, Giant Fathom 29, Giant Anthem Advanced Pro 29 etc . 


2 . Trek bike

Historical background and best models :


Alike lot of companies that are appraised as the best mountain bike brands , the Trek has become a choice of top among the mountain bike riders. Earlier of globalisation, good bikes in America were not obtainable in that region. And it is the reason that the bike brand the Trek comes out because there was a huge opportunity to grow business in this criteria because many people then love to ride in that area. This bike brand was founded about almost half century ago and from the very first this brand has provided the finest features with a budget friendly price. 


Although at the starting point it had focused on road bikes, but  after a while the success rate on the mountain bikes grew more than the road bikes. That is why it is now holding the position on the top 5 best mountain bike brands. Mountain bikes models from this brand which are considered to be the best are –  Trek Fuel EX,  Trek Remedy, Trek Top Fuel,  Trek Slash, Trek Roscoe etc.


  1. Specialized Bicycles 

Historical background and best models :


The bike brand named “Specialized” is seems to be a famous company in the bike industry. This brand has gone through a journey of 47 years experiencing some mistakes while identifying bikes with a lot of motivation. Mike Sinyard  founded this bike company  in 1974.  Though at first the brand came to existence as an importing company of Italian bike materials but swiftly changed decision and decided to design and  make products of its own aiming to establish itself as an innovative bike company.  And that decision has proven to be an effective one because that changed decision  brings fame and individual identity leading the market with cutting-edge technologies. The best Specialized mountain bike models are – Specialized Stumpjumper Evo,  Specialized Fuse, Specialized Epic Hardtail, Specialized Epic, Specialized Enduro etc.



Historical background and best models :


The Canyon is known to be a German based company that was founded by Roman Arnold in 1985 . Though it was first started as a company of bike parts supplier  but with the flow of time it has grown up as a mountain bike brand that is apprehend to be in the top 10 position at present. 


The brand Canyon had faced various ups and downs from the very start and did not enter on the international market until 2006. But in the following year it entered the French market and gradually took the attention of the users and then began started work on internationally. 


In the history of the Canyon the year 2017 is known to be a very impactful year  because in this year SA market by releasing a number of mountain bikes and road bikes. Best mountain bike models from this brand are – Canyon Lux, Canyon Stitched 720°,  Canyon Strive,  Canyon Neuron etc.


 In the very end,  by knowing the best mountain bike brands,

selecting a mountain bike model will be easy because it ensures  that anyone can get the best bike model that meets the standard and budget with brand value.

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