Best mountain bikes


Best mountain bikes

To some people bike riding is like an adventurous thing. And most of the people who love to explore new places close to nature – especially mountains – are seems to be in love with it totally. This is the main reason that  these people are in need of the best mountain bikes .


Finding the best  mountain bikes is the most crucial thing for mountain bike riders. Because it can give the best mountain bike riding experience. These bikes can provide a way more superior performance than the general bikes.  Then as for a rider the safety is the first thing that he/she is concerned about and these types of bikes have better safety features then the regular bikes . Again these bikes are specially designed for mountain riding.


In our this guide we are going to talk about the best mountain bikes models with features and the major points to cogitate about while selecting the best mountain bikes

We will begin the guide with exploring the the major points to cogitate about while selecting the best mountain bikes –


Major points of best mountain bikes-


Essential points to know about best mountain bikes are given below-


1.Comparing terrain  and gear :

The first thing that a rider thinks about is the types of terrain which he \ she wants to ride in bike. There are different types of terrain , for example – countryside or rural areas, mountain regions, downhill zones etc. For this different kinds terrain there are various types of bike . And the best mountain bikes are the only bikes that come with a high range of gears that are consistent enough to tackle all obstacles as well as handle the uphill and downhill mountain roads.


  1. Mountain bike frame materials : 

Frame materials of bikes play a pivotal role because it is the major component that can affect a bike’s weight, performance and price. Most common materials that  are used to make mountain bike frames are – aluminium, steel, titanium and carbon fibre. Each of these materials provides individual durability , weight and price.  The frame made of aluminium is an affordable choice among the mountain riders as it is lightweight as well as durable at the same time. Mountain bikes with a steel frame can provide durability and a comfortable ride but this type of frame is heavier than aluminium frame. Besides this, the frames are made of  titanium and carbon fibre, both are extra light frames than the regular frames and cost a very high price.


  1. The types of mountain bikes suspension :


The mountain bikes suspension are three in types and those are –

Rigid : Basically these kinds of bikes are made of without suspension which is not common in mountain biking and do not need much maintenance .  And the main fact about these bikes is that these are not even in uneven land. These bikes aim to boost paddling ability.


Hardtail : These mountain bikes have suspension only on bikes . It is lower in weight and these bikes cost less money which is the main reason that these are popular among the riders.


Both Suspension : These bikes combines suspension both in front and rear. These can supply excellent control on uneven terrain while maintaining comfortness of the rider. But these bikes are heavier and more expensive than the other two types.


Maybe it’s enough  to discuss the best mountain bikes major points. Now let’s discuss about the best mountain bikes models –


Best mountain bikes models with features –


  1. Stumpjumper Evo Comp:

    This bike comes with a very good and eye-catching design quality. It may cost around $2000 to $4500 and the features this bike can provide are 

– lightweight (the  main reason why riders like it)

– able to provide geometry adjustment

– Comes with even suspension

– Have large internal storage

– Good in specification and performance


  1. Mondraker Raze Carbon RR :

    This bike is a standout model with advanced features and it costs about $4000 to $5000 . Th features of this bike are –

– Especial suspension (both in front and rear)

– Have aesthetic looks

– Have wide wheels

– Offers wide gear range and high quality brakes


  1. Scott Spark Team Issue AXS :

    This bike is best known for mountain bike racing. It cost around $5000 and the features it has are – 

– Flexible and lightweight 

– fully balanced because of smooth suspension

–  has well built frame and fork

– has wide tires which provide a smooth ride experience.


  1. Cervelo ZFS-5

    : This mountain bike might costs around $5300 and its features are – 

– made with very light frame (lifetime warrantied)

– good suspension technology is included 

– easily balanced

– Able to give versatile travel experience


According to budget and focusing on features combination anyone can choose bikes from these following models discussed above as these models are considered to be top models of best mountain bikes.

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