Low rider bike

By thinking about a low rider bike, your mind might get confused and you may have a number of questions on your mind as well as you also might want the answer and information related to this type of bike. 

That’s why we are putting each and everything related to low rider bike in this blog so that you can get the answers and the information that you are looking for . So let’s get started –

Low rider bike

Definition – 

A low rider bike is a specific type of bicycle which is basically designed by taking inspiration from the low rider cars. Again it is characterised by customisation like – some extra features which seems to be similar with low rider cars and  low-slung frame. 


History-cultural Significance –

This type of bikes was firstly developed in the Chicano culture in the United States in the time of 1960’s. Also the trace of the Mexican-American communities can be seen in this type of bikes . As the main inspiration of these kinds of bike designs are low ride cars so it has the similar aesthetic designs . This is why it has become a symbol of individuality and it also represents a cultural identity and a form of artistic expression.


Basic characteristics of low rider bike –


Frame Design: 

The first and most important characteristics of a bike is the frame design. But particularly to design a low rider bike the low slung frame is used. By designing with this low slung frame the bike not just gets a signature look besides it gets enhancement of rideability for the time of leisurely cruising. These frames are specifically designed in a way with curves and contours with which it has got the resemblance of classic cars . This is the reason people find this aesthetic in style and visually attractive.


Banana Seat:

For the seat , this specific bike tends to be incomplete without a “banana seat”. This seat is long and cushioned which is known to be essential part of low rider bike. For this type bike , banana seats often comes with additional padding which is a amazing option for riders.


Extended Forks: Extended Forks are one noticeable characteristic of this type of bike.  To give a stretched look these forks are added and generally the forks are several inches longer than normal bicycle forks. It can also be modified if necessary. Because of this , the rider can smoothly ride the bike with relaxation.


Chrome , Paint and additional accessories –

A low rider bike will be incomplete without having plenty of chrome plating as well as customise touch-up of painting. Also most of the time it comes with additional accessories like lights, ornate chain guards and mirrors etc.


Famous Models  –

Now it’s time to get familiar with some models of low rider bike.There are a number of models of this bike that have become popular over time. These bikes are often sold as complete units or kits that allow for extensive customization and each of these models offers a unique blend of style and features . Some of this models are mentioned below- 


Schwinn Sting-Ray: May be the most popular low rider bike model is Schwinn Sting-Ray. It was first released in the 1960s ( more specifically in 1963 ) . It has the combination of wide wheels , a banana seat, high handlebars along with a sturdy frame that seems to be perfect for customisation. The riders consider this bike as a base model to start riding..


Micargi Lowrider : In the low rider community Micargi  is a widely known low bike brand founded in 1997 that provides a number of low bikes that are suitable for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. For example – Micargi Hero, Micargi lowrider F4, Micargi prince are some popular models of this brand. These bikes meet all the requirements of the riders.


Torker Boardwalk: Riders who are fond of classical and aesthetics touch with modern build quality can go for Torker Boardwalk bikes. Bikes of these models come with versatility that offers a comfortable ride.


Why to choose this type bike – 

Now a question may come to mind that Why to choose this type of bike as there are many other bikes which may seem a way more better than this. Let me give you some points so that you can have the answer-


  1. This kind of bike can be modified according to the rider’s personal choice.
  2. Custom paint is one of the best option here and from metallic paint to airbrush design there are many possibilities with which any rider can customise the paint according to his own way.
  3. High handlebars are a good thing with which a rider can ride comfortably in comparison to other bikes. 

To conclude , Low rider bike comes with exclusive features, with endless customization options which is the base of popularity . It is a combination of fusion of artistry and craftsmanship which provides its unique identity.

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