How To Remove Stuck Bike Pedals?

how to remove stuck bike pedals

Are you concerned about how to remove stuck bike pedals as a passionate cyclist? Well, you re not alone!
Whether you ride your bike frequently or seldom, knowing how to remove stuck bike pedals is a crucial
skill that may help you save time and money.
Because, bicycle pedals that are stuck can be a big pain and keep you from taking relaxing rides. This in-
depth instruction will show you how to remove resistant bike pedals in a safe and efficient manner.
Say goodbye to pedal problems and get back on the road with ease.

How To Remove Stuck Bike Pedals?

You may ask, why do pedals get stuck in the first place, and how to you remove stuck bike pedals
easily? Well, it s a combination of factors, including dirt, rust, and even just the passage of time.
Its like they form a secret club, and theyre not ready to let you in on the fun. stuck bike pedals can be a
real headache for any cyclist, and Im here to help you tackle this issue step by step.

Gather Your Arsenal: Tools You ll Need

Lets make sure you have the appropriate tools before I get into the specifics of stuck bike pedals removal. What
you ll need is as follows:
Pedal Wrench: This is your trusty sidekick for this job. Make sure it s the right size for your pedals
Lubricating Spray: Grab a can of penetrating oil or a specialized bike lubricant. This will be your secret
weapon against rust and corrosion.
Adjustable Wrench: Sometimes, you might need this for the opposite side of the pedal, where the pedal
wrench wont fit.

Prepare Your Bike for Action

Lets start by making sure your bike is in a secure but easily accessible location. Alternatively, you can
turn your bike upside down and gently rest it on the handlebars and saddle by using a special bike stand.
Verify that it is stable and wont shift during the process.
Soak It Up: Apply Lubricant
Now comes the magic trick. Take your lubricating spray and generously apply it to the threads where the
pedal spindle meets the crank arm. This lubrication will work its way into the crevices, loosening up any
stubborn grime and corrosion.

The Pedal Wrench Dance

Time to get hands-on! Place your pedal wrench onto the pedal spindle, ensuring it fits snugly. The
direction to turn the wrench depends on the side you re working on.
For the left pedal (usually marked with an L), turn it counter-clockwise (lefty-loosey).

For the right pedal (typically marked with an R, turn it clockwise (righty-tighty).

Apply Gradual Pressure

As you push down on the wrench handle, remember, slow and steady wins the race. Apply gradual
pressure, and dont force it. The lubricant should be doing its job, making it easier for you to turn the
stuck bike pedals .

Need More Muscle?

If the pedal still refuses to budge, dont panic. You can give yourself some extra leverage by slipping a
pipe or a cheater bar over the wrench handle. This added muscle power should help break the pedal
free from its stubborn grip.

The Final Twist

Once you feel the pedal starting to turn, its time to celebrate a little victory. Unscrew it entirely by
hand. If its not cooperating, dont worry; just repeat the lubrication and wrenching process until it

Rinse and Repeat (for the Other Pedal)

how to remove stuck bike pedals

Remember, the other pedal is waiting for its turn. If you ve conquered one, you can conquer them all.
Follow the same steps for the opposite pedal, keeping in mind that the left pedal has reverse threads, so
youll be turning it clockwise to loosen it.
Keep in mind that with the right tools, a bit of patience, and a touch of lubrication, you can keep your
cycling adventures smooth and trouble-free.
So, the next time youre faced with stubborn pedals, dont fret. Just follow these steps, and youll be
back on the road in no time. Enjoy your rides.

Why Bike Pedals Get Stuck?

Have you ever experienced those annoying times when your stuck bike pedals wont move? It happened to
me, and it wasnt a fun time. However, there are causes for this inconvenience, and Im here to explain
why bike pedals become stuck.

Corrosion is the Culprit

The primary villain behind stuck bike pedals is corrosion. Over time, moisture, dirt, and grime find their
way into the threads where the pedal spindle connects to the crank arm. When these elements mix,
they form a stubborn, rust-like substance that locks the pedal in place.

Neglected Maintenance

Failure to regularly clean and lubricate your bike pedals can accelerate corrosion. Neglected
maintenance allows the corrosive elements to build up, making it even harder to break the stuck bike pedals free
when you need to.


Sometimes, the cause is human error. Over-tightening the pedals during installation can make them
extra resistant to removal. Its crucial to use the right amount of force during installation to avoid this

Cross-Threaded Pedals

Another common mistake is cross-threading pedals during installation. This occurs when the threads on
the pedal spindle dont align correctly with those on the crank arm. Cross-threaded stuck bike pedals can be
extremely difficult to remove.

Left Pedals Reverse Thread

The left pedal on most bikes has reverse threads, which means it tightens in a clockwise direction. This
can catch cyclists off guard, leading to unintentional overtightening.
Finally, stuck bike pedals get stuck due to a combination of corrosion, neglect, over-tightening, and
sometimes, the intricacies of thread direction.
Regular maintenance and proper installation techniques can help prevent this issue and keep your rides
frustration-free. So, next time you encounter stuck pedals, youll know whats causing the trouble!

What to do when your bike pedals are stuck?

When your bike pedals are stuck, it can be frustrating, but dont worry – here are some tips to help you
Assess the Situation: First, stop and examine the pedals. Determine if theyre stuck due to dirt, rust, or
something else.
Oil or Lubricant: If its rust, apply some oil or lubricant to the pedal threads. Let it sit for a few minutes.
Use a Wrench: Grab a wrench or stuck bike pedals spanner and try to turn the pedals counterclockwise (left pedal)
or clockwise (right pedal) to loosen them.
Leverage: For extra leverage, place a piece of wood or a pipe on the wrench handle and try turning
Heat: If the pedals are really stuck, use a heat gun or a hairdryer to heat the crank arm slightly. Heat can
expand the metal and make it easier to turn.
Patience: Be patient; it might take some time and effort to break them loose.
Cleaning: If dirt is the issue, remove stuck bike pedals and clean the threads thoroughly. Apply grease before
Seek Professional Help: If all else fails, consider taking your bike to a bike shop for professional
Always put your safety first. Avoid over-pushing the pedals to avoid breaking your bike. You can quickly
unstick those stuck bike pedals with a little work and the appropriate strategy. Enjoy your ride!

Q: What about pedals with an Allen key attachment?
A: Use a 6mm Allen key instead of a wrench for pedals with this attachment.
Q: How should I secure the bike for pedal removal?

A: You can use a bike stand, have a friend hold the bike, or flip it upside down while resting it on the
handlebars and seat.
Q: Should I turn the pedal clockwise or counterclockwise?
A: The left pedal is counterclockwise, and the right pedal is clockwise.
Q: Any tips for stubborn pedals?
A: You can use a cheater bar or a pipe for added leverage on the wrench.
Q: How long should I wait after applying oil?
A: Wait at least 15-30 minutes to let the oil penetrate and loosen the pedal.


Just keep in mind that patience and the appropriate approach are key. Whatever the problem—rust or
dirt—a little oil, some hard work, and the right wrench motion will solve it.
Dont forget to keep your safety in mind while tackling this pedal predicament. No need to go all Hulk on
your bike – steady, controlled force is the name of the game.
When youve successfully freed the pedals, give them a little tender loving care by cleaning the threads
and applying a little lubricant to keep them happy.
Get on your bike, follow these instructions, and get it moving again. Happy pedaling, and may you no
longer experience stuck bike pedals issues on your rides.

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